This is my first oil painting in my studio! 
This delicious avacado looks good enough to eat! This oil painting is on 5"x7" wood board. Ready to hang, or frame.
I could never oil paint because it always gave me a headache, even outside. But I recently came across and purchased M.Graham Walnut Oil Paints. Made out of Walnut Oil, there are no harmful chemicals. Even the brush cleaner is Walnut Oil! After a test run outdoors at the Augusta Plein Air Event, I didn't have a headache. I was so excited to finally be able to try the oils in my studio! I just needed an excuse and the time to do it. I did a watercolor of an avacado and just knew woth the oil paint's thick buttery-soft consistency it would be perfect to paint the avacado with. So, Sunday June 27, 2021 became the perfect day to break the paints out and give them a try for the first time in my studio. As a storm rolled in, I set up my lights, cameras and started painting. I'll have a video of the painting being created on my social media, and maybe I'll do a blog about these wonderful paints. I do not have much experience with oil paints, but I've taken a few classes, read a few books and I'vedrawn and painted with acrylic and watercolor enough to know where to start, and when it was finished. The in between time, I experimentedand found out a lot about what these paints, and I, can do.
I love the way it turned out and can not wait to create more Oil Paintings!
The painting will need to dry and be varnished before it can go for a ride to your home. It can be shipped after July 4th.

Avacado Study Original Oil Painting